Jack Dorsey asks Elon Musk for tips on improving Twitter

Jack Dorsey, Twitter CEO, was searching for the platform from Elon Musk, CEO and founder of Tesla Electric Vehicles and SpaceX Space Way to improve service at an employee event this week.

Jack Dorsey made a video call to Elon Musk who described him as one of the most influential people on Twitter and said: Give us direct feedback and criticism, we are not doing it well, we can do it better and we use our ability to serve and he added: "If you use Twitter, then what you will do?"

Elon Musk, who has 30 million Twitter followers, urged Jack Dorsey to get rid of bots and fake accounts to improve Twitter's work, and explained that distinguishing between real accounts and accounts part of a network of robots is very beneficial within a few years, people will tweet on Mars.

Musk said: How do you know if the notes are correct or if someone is trying to manipulate the system? I am sure you will find that people have used the system and influenced public opinion, sometimes it is difficult to do, and know what real public opinion is. It is not.

"The really annoying thing is the manipulation of power by different interest groups, and there is a lot."

Yoel Roth, Twitter's security director, thanked Elon Musk for his speech and asked him to comply with Twitter's guidelines.

In addition to advice on how to improve Twitter, Musk Dorsey told him that he believed the first tweet would be sent from Mars after 5 years and that the March rover was now technically able to Tweet it.

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