Japan's Mitsubishi Electric Corp. reveals security breach
Japan's Mitsubishi Electric Corp. reveals security breach

Mitsubishi Electric is one of the largest manufacturers and sellers of electronic and electrical appliances in the world, and has published a brief statement on its website indicating a security breach that may lead to the disclosure of personal information.

Although the violation occurred last year, especially on June 28, and an official internal investigation began in September, the Tokyo-based company has published two local newspapers, Asahi Shimbun and Nikkei, a revolutionary story.

Newspapers have accused Tic (or "Bronze Butler") of being Chinese-linked spy groups in the cybersecurity industry and targeting Japan in recent years.

According to local media reports, a security vulnerability was discovered after Mitsubishi Electric employees discovered suspicious files on one of the company's servers, and then attributed the hack to the account of the hacked employee. Unauthorized access has started in China. Affiliate and sales company according to the rules in Japan

Asahi Shimbun said: The hackers have improved access to Mitsubishi Electric's internal systems from the first entry point, as they have accessed the network from about 14 directions to the company, such as sales and services, and major administrative offices, according to the local Minichi newspaper. The company has reported the Japanese government and the Japanese Ministry of Defense about the weakness.

Asahi Shimbun and Nikkei Shimbun reported that hackers stole confidential information from the company's intranet. In particular, "Nikki Shimbun" reported that hackers have damaged dozens of computers and servers in Japan and abroad. About 200MB of files were stolen, most of them were files.

The Japanese company did not deny the data breach, but denied that the hackers stole the data related to its trading partners and defense contracts, and said it was investigating the accident, but the attacker appeared to have deleted the credentials, which slowed the investigators. ,

Given that Mitsubishi Electric is one of the largest defense and infrastructure companies in Japan and has implemented active projects in the Japanese army, telecommunications, railways and electricity networks, accident management is extremely important in Japan.

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