JOGANVE GPS Car Navigation
JOGANVE GPS Car Navigation

Depending on your choice of JOGANVE, the GPS navigation system can locate the GPS satellite receiver and display it on the navigation map. The system can calculate the best route after specifying the destination, enabling the user to reach the destination safely and quickly. The system allows you to enjoy personalized magic and enjoy the treble in various ways, for example B. Using visual graphics, real-time animation, sound displays, and word indicators.

1. Why does the zip code not work? Why is GPS not accurate?

A: The most common cause is poor GPS information or lack of signal. Please test for GPS information when using it for the first time or reset the device. You can receive GPS information outdoors or in a place with a strong signal, instead of receiving GPS information in places like homes, tall buildings, and remote areas.

2. What about battery life?

Answer: If it is not charged, it will take about 30 to 40 minutes. If satellite navigation is not working properly, please email us to resolve the issue or request a refund.

3. How can I determine the maximum speed and speed limit?

Answer: 1 First, make sure that the programming language is English (USA). If you then want to change the km to m, proceed as follows: [Main menu - Navigation parameters (tool icon) - Area units and coordination distance] (km / m, miles / feet, miles / yards)

Two speed limits: [Main menu navigation parameters (tool icon) and warning speed warning parameters] Warning when the swarm reaches 100% of the top speed. It is recommended to set the value to 100%.

4. How can I use Zip Search?

A: You can find the postal code search first under "Search for an address" (Note: If the postal code contains an area like "G43 1E8", don't forget to enter a space, otherwise the search will not match.) Address search - choose city / province - Enter the zip code]
JOGANVE GPS Car Navigation 2020
JOGANVE GPS Car Navigation

The specific navigation function depends on your selection of the navigation program. Please follow the navigation program instructions.

JOGANVE GPS Car Navigation Specs
  • Lifetime map update] We have installed the latest US 2020 GPS map. If you want to update the map, please contact us, and we will give you the download address. If you want maps for other countries, we'll send you map files and explain how to download them
  • Multilingual navigation GPS navigation supports voice transmission speed. You can calculate the best route after determining your destination, provide smart route planning and sound warning, and set a speed limit and arrival time. According to estimates, the sound card provides English, French, Spanish, Finnish, Dutch, Italian, Portuguese, Polish, Russian, Hungarian, Romanian languages.
  • The large capacity navigation system is equipped with a high-performance processor, 8GB RAM, 256MB RAM, extended memory support (up to 32GB) and massive storage space for storing maps and materials, car charger and back support. . (Without SD / TF card)
  • 7-inch TFT touch screen 7-inch TFT touch screen clear and sensitive, 800 x 480 resolution, tempered glass and high-quality sensors, with full viewing angle and high brightness (500 lumens) to see the card also clearly in direct sunlight

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