Leak reveals the date of announcement of the Galaxy S20 and Galaxy Fold 2
Leak reveals the date of announcement of the Galaxy S20 and Galaxy Fold 2

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Samsung was originally scheduled to host an unbundled event on February 18. However, a recent report showed that Samsung will speed up the event a week before that date.

Confirms the promo video that has been leaked now report released late in the month of December (December) g-rafa.co.il Samsung unveiled a plan for an event February 11.

Is not mentioned the name of the phone will be announced at the event explicitly in the video, but the company replaced the characters in the word Galaxy rectangles and squares represent the two devices.

It should be noted that leakages recent months revealed the specifications of the next phone Samsung flagship, which was called originally (Galaxy S11) Galaxy S11, but the recent leaks have shown that it will be renamed to (Galaxy S20) Galaxy S20.

It believes that the promo video box indicates Galaxy S20, while Rectangle refers to Flip phone, similar to what haircut Motorola announced by the end of last year.

As the reason for the release of these two rapid phones, it was said that Samsung in the period of time between the event and the Mobile World Congress MWC 2020 in Barcelona, ​​Spain next year, is expected to announce several companies for a new mobile phone.

Samsung did not officially confirm the date of the event, but must be held in San Francisco, but the video shows that the event will be broadcast live on the Samsung website on the web.

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