Leak reveals the next Redmi smart bracelet design

Redmi, the smart bracelet expected in the Mi Fit app, has been unveiled. The exposed image shows the rectangle design of the smart bracelet and the frame design are clear because the smart bracelet has a black color.

Weibing Lu said last November that the company plans to launch a smart watch soon. Today the first image appeared on Weibo, which shows the Redmi Smart Fitness Tracker released via the digital chat station.

The Smart Strip has a smaller rectangular screen with a thick frame, while the Smart Strip has a capacitive button at the bottom of the screen that appears as a thin white line.

The leak also revealed changes to smart ranges features, including smart band functional alarms and heart rate sensors, and plans to support NFC smart payment and control technology. playing music.

Expectations that Redmi will launch its smart bracelet at a lower price than the Xiaomi version of the Mi Band series, and the smart bracelet is expected to be released later.

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