LG develops a foldable and descending TV
LG develops a foldable and descending TV

LG announced Thursday that it plans to unveil the new design for mobile TVs at the CES 2020 Consumer Electronics Show, which will open in Las Vegas next week.

The South Korean company from CES fairs has said over the past two years that the pop-up TV is ready for use, while the new TV that will be shown at CES 2020 will drop to ceiling in a similar fashion as the projection screen but without the equipment. The company also plans to announce 48-inch OLED TVs.

LG is famous for its innovation, which aims to reduce the space required for televisions in packaging. Thanks to this new innovation, space requirements are smaller than before, especially since the screen that falls from the ceiling makes it unnecessary to place the structure on the platform.

LG said in a message on the LG Display website that the screen could be connected to the ceiling and lowered if necessary, but the company did not participate in the TV pictures that should appear in the message.

LG plans to launch a 48-inch OLED TV. This is a welcome move for those who want to support this technology, but smaller televisions, especially since the size of this TV should not be less than 55 inches to be a small uncomfortable apartment. In addition to 48 inches, the company also plans to power the devices in different sizes: 55 inches, 65 inches, 77 inches, and 88 inches.

It is worth noting that LG did not release the 48-inch OLED TV release date. So far, unpublished TV has not been released as a commercial product.

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