Logitech launches the K860 Split Keyboard to help you type better
Logitech launches the K860 Split Keyboard to help you type better

Logitech introduced the Ergo K860 keyboard, which will compete with Microsoft's release for $ 130.

Ergo K860 keyboard is Logitech's first product with a separate design. The buttons are curved to provide a comfortable user experience. In addition, it can reduce the pressure on the user's wrist and arm, thereby reducing the pressure on the user's neck and shoulders.

Logitech's new Ergo K860 keyboard emulates the surface design, as these versions have a V-shaped space that separates two main groups and provides flexible wrist protection.

The K860 keyboard has a three-layer design to relieve pressure on the wrist and ends with a smooth, smooth and clean texture. Logitech keyboard also has a curvature that can emulate the Microsoft version for users to quickly access keys.

Unlike the Microsoft version, Ergo K860 supports the touch of the keyboard thanks to the mechanical design known for its MX panels and craftsmanship and has fast write response functions.

Logitech keyboard also supports use with Mac devices with the common icons on the Start and Alt keys. The keyboard also supports communication with three devices, which can also be used to control laptops, phones, and tablets. Ergo K860 keyboard features wireless design and supports Bluetooth connectivity.

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