LONGRUF 7 Inch Touch Screen GPS Navigation
LONGRUF GPS Navigation

LONVRUF GPS Navigation Specs
  • Free Lifelong Map Update] Get the latest map by connecting the LONVRUF GPS navigation system to a Windows PC. You can also update the card with an external TF card (Mac and Windows). Lifetime cards are updated for free without ads. You can download the latest data regularly on maps, speeds and points of interest.
  • Transfer safely LONRUF 7-inch GPS navigation with detailed maps and step-by-step instructions. The street names are clear thanks to the speakers. With the help of LONRUF GPS, you will never miss a curve or cross a sudden lane. Support: (1) Zip code, address, coordinates, points of interest (2) Driver alert, effective route guidance, and speed camera detection (3) Street name broadcasts and real audio broadcasts
  • LONRUF is probably the best 7-inch touch screen GPS for cars and trucks. (1) Intelligent Highway and Economic Planning. (2) Fast and accurate GPS tracking. (3) Current speed, route guidance, and estimated arrival time. (4) Commitment to provide a better way to your site and avoid display, size, and weight restrictions. (5) Multiple vehicle modes including car / truck / mobile home / cabins / emergency / buses / taxis.
  • Our GPS navigation system provides professional solutions to provide regular updates and inquiries to maps on all issues. Native American brand, build a professional technical team in USA

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