Nokia will launch its first foldable phone later this year
Nokia will launch its first foldable phone later this year

Several companies are preparing to launch an expanded version of the foldable design this year.  According to the latest news, HMD will also enter the foldable cellphone market, indicating that the Nokia foldable mobile phone will be launched later this year.

Motorola's first foldable Razr phone will be launched soon, and Samsung will launch the Galaxy Z Flip on February 11.  According to reports, HMD plans to launch its first phone in a new leak that could match the new version.

HMD is struggling to continue to stay in the mobile market, but the company is looking to continue developing new versions of smartphones as it will be present on the foldable phone market this year.

HMD knows about the trend of innovative camera technology for smartphones.  HMD recently introduced the impressive Nokia 9, which gives a number of cameras new standards.  However, the company has not yet developed this version to a new level.

Leaks recently announced that Nokia withdrew its intention to launch the Nokia 9.1 phone using the Snapdragon 855 Plus processor, the latest version of the Qualcomm processor chip.  When it hits the market this year, the company's release on the premium phone will be left behind.  ,

Nokia 9.2 PureView is expected to launch Snapdragon 865 processor this year.  Nokia will also replace the light camera in a special version launched in June this year.

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