Nuheara offers the cheapest and most powerful hearing aid
Nuheara offers the cheapest and most powerful hearing aid

Recently, audio assistive technology has boomed, causing Nuheara - which introduced IQbuds MAX headphones last year - to introduce new headphones this year as IQbuds2 MAX. It is a new suite of wireless hearing aids, which have been developed and reduced in price.

The company still uses EarID technology, to automatically check the sound to suit your hearing level. However, the new headphones have larger drivers (9.2mm), which improve the sound quality especially for the lower layer. The tool comes with a more powerful processor in a compact design, and Bluetooth 5 support for faster and longer connection to your phone.

The new speaker holds the features that were present on the IQbuds MAX, in addition to the feature of hybrid active noise canceling, noise filter controls at different levels and water resistance which makes it useful for exercise. The headset is expected to provide 32 hours of audio assistance (20 hours for normal audio broadcasting), and will come with a charging case.

IQbuds2 MAX earphone is available for pre-order at $ 399, which is lower than its predecessor and was sold at $ 500.

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