OnePlus announces the battery saver features by preventing the phone from overcharging
OnePlus announces the battery saver features by preventing the phone from overcharging

Oneplus Tuesday announced a new feature (optimal load), which is designed to extend the life of cell phone batteries by changing how they charge them.

The Chinese company said that the (enhanced charging) feature was first detected in user experience (oxygen) in December last year and prevented the phone from charging over 80% overnight, but the shipment was scheduled before the time went on. Open the connection between the cell phone and the charger for about 100 minutes until the battery reaches 100% in time.

This mechanism is designed to reduce the charge level to 100% of the phone when connected to the charger, which reduces battery efficiency over time.

OnePlus is not the first company to provide this functionality, like Apple, as this version of iOS 13 announced improved flexibility, and Asus also announced support for similar features in its phones.

Since the phone cannot determine if the user can disconnect the phone from the charger, OnePlus said: After the user studies the usage patterns, the function will use the daily alarm time, alarm time or event to determine the appropriate time accurately. , For a few weeks. However, the company hopes to improve predictability after calculating changes in sleep patterns over the weekend or after changing time zones.

If users don't want to enable this feature, OnePlus says it can be disabled in Battery List Settings. She added that although the phone stopped charging after 80% of its charging, a message appeared, causing users to stop and continue charging, such as Apple's system (iOS 13).

Note that OnePlus did not specify the launch date of the feature, or the phone that supports the feature, but since the feature has been available in its beta version of its user interface for the past few months, the launch time should not be too long. For a long time.

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