Oppo reveals the first official images of its next smart watch
Oppo reveals the first official images of its next smart watch

Brian Shane today released the first official image of the Oppo smart watch, which appears on the screen with a curved design and officially debuts at the end of the quarter.

Oppo prepares for the official launch of the company's first network watch, and today it releases photos illustrating the design of the next generation of watches.

Several rumors indicate that Oppo plans to launch its first version of the Smart Watch. The company confirmed this rumor for the first time at an INNO DAY event last month and also announced plans to launch the smartwatch. In the first quarter of 2020.

Brian Chen also indicated that the Oppo smart watch will be one of the best releases of the year, and said the company used a curved screen with a flexible screen to give users a better screen.

On the other hand, the official image of the Oppo watch shows the glossy golden design of the smartwatch frame, since there are two buttons on the right side and the light notification on the button mimics the microphone slot between the buttons, so it should receive support for voice calls.

Other leaks indicate that Oppo is displaying a 5G model of its smart watch or model that supports independent voice calls. The image also shows the silicone smartwatch strap, and the company will also offer a copy of the leather strap.

It is worth noting that expectations also indicate that OPPO will present its first smart watch at a upcoming conference in which the OPPO Find X2 will be officially launched next month.

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