PNY Quadro RTX 6000/8000 offers professionals fanless dispersion
PNY Quadro RTX 6000/8000 offers professionals fanless dispersion

The exclusive partner for NVIDIA cards, the professional supplier of Quadro cards and the PNY content certificate developer, has announced the release of the two new fanless versions Quadro RTX 6000 and Quadro RTX 8000 that cool down these cards' cooling system, which relies only on large bags of air flow.

These cards are very powerful in the graphics rendering area to perform various tasks. Each power card consumes 250 watts, which means that these cards need a large, good cold room and you know that these cards do not have a display port so they can be used on server machines. Use this

The PNY RTX 6000 has specs of 4608 redundant cores, 72 RT cores, 576 tension centers, and FP32 computing power. Individual Resolution is 14.9 TFLOPS and delivers deep computing capabilities for learning from 119, 4 Tensor TFLOPS and 24 GB GDDR6 with a bandwidth of up to 624 GB / s

PNY RTX 8000 only has the most powerful storage capacity of 4608 Coda Core, RT 72 Core and Tensor 576 Core, as well as one precision of 14.9 TFLOPS FP32 119.4 Tensor TFLOPS strength, 48 GB GDDR6 and one massive bandwidth of up to 624 GB / a second

The need for rendering, data science and simulation continues to grow as these companies require larger and more complex workloads than ever before. However, the professional sector that wants to upgrade the IT infrastructure faces budget constraints and growing development requirements, and the emergence of the Turing NVIDIA architecture has enabled it to play a role in the rendering field. Graphics with these graphics cards is very powerful and unique. These cards have RT and tensor cores that can handle the radiation monitoring workload in real time, and can ideally perform mathematical calculations to achieve AI and deep learning, which can be distributed to Koda Hearts, RT Hearts and Tensor Task tasks,

As for prices, the RTX 6000 card will cost 4000 dollars, while RTX 8000 will cost you 6000 dollars

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