Publicity fever enters the ColorOS system
Publicity fever enters the ColorOS system

Realme announced this week that displaying ads on the Android-based ColorOS user interface will start after a year of explosive growth in the Android device market, where device ads are a major profit for the market. "Work, but users are usually not affected. Valid.

Realme for Android is a Oppo brand and appears to have been primarily developed to compete with Xiaomi and its Redmi sub-brand. It is one of the Android smartphone manufacturers that only sell its devices in India.

In 2019, the brand achieved 400% annual growth and ranked fourth in India after Xiaomi, Samsung and Vivo. Part of this growth is mainly due to lower prices for Realme smartphones. Competitors.

Realme hopes to provide more surprises with content-related recommendations in ColorOS in the spring of 2020 as the company places ads in its operating system to maintain a sustainable business model, but has made it clear that the system protects users from advertising. Confidentiality is associated with compliance with laws and regulations.

This change affects devices running with the ColorOS 6 user interface, because ads on Realme devices should appear in two different places: the first in the Phone Manager app and the second after installing a new app. On the security watch side.

Advertising service is activated by default, but Realme users can deactivate it, unlike Xiaomi, which originally didn't offer this option.

It should be noted that Realme mocked the Chinese company Xiaomi because Xiaomi placed ads in its user interface called MIUI and used it to sell Realme 3 devices. However, these ads seem to be a guarantee of a way to keep the prices of Realme devices low.

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