Puiuisoul 360 Degree Radar Detector
Puiuisoul Radar Detector

Puiuisoul 360 Degree Radar Detector
It can detect any fixed or moving radar speed monitor from 200 to 1000 meters and respond quickly with voice prompts to warn you before driving. However, you already know how to test the car's speed and issue a warning.

Multifunction buttons
With a single button, you can change the language, increase the screen brightness, and increase or decrease the volume.

Remote feeding
The power source can be controlled remotely. Press the button to start the speed camera and press the button again to stop the speed camera.
Puiuisoul 360 Degree Radar Detector
Puiuisoul Radar Detector

Digital display
Equipped with LED display with digital signal strength display. No HD reflections. Make it easier to see

Puiuisoul Radar Detector Specs
  • Super Heterodyne Technology at Maximum Band: This radar supports ultra-fast, full-frequency scanning and 360 ° scanning, allowing greater coverage and better progress, even if the fastest radar gun is currently using Ku-band radar in Europe. be cerfull. The technology has a high-speed scanning circuit that provides a larger detection area, even the fastest radar gun can provide the best warning.
  • Wide detection range]: The radar detector is the most recent radar pop-up radar (ultra-fast reading mode). Radar can detect any fixed or portable radial speed monitor in front of 250-2500m in front of it
  • Tips & Warnings When you know the location, the speed camera prompts you to make a beep to indicate that you are approaching the speed sensor so you can confirm the speed along the path. Provides complete immunity to the VG-2 radar detector. Remember that the radar detector can be set indefinitely even in the event of a power failure.
  • [New System]: The proportional speed sensor's automatic shutdown system effectively eliminates false alarms and prevents the stop function from detecting the currently available radar detectors.

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