Radenso RPM Pro Radar Detector
Radenso RPM Pro

Radenso RPM Pro Radar Detector Detector for performance boost drivers per ounce. Unlike the largest radar detectors, Radenso Pro M can detect frequency-adjusted radar threats with different power consumption like the new MultaRadar. Police in Canada use MultaRadar and are also used in the United States.

  •     Radar detector installed the windshield with a maximum range
  •     MultaRadar contracts
  •     Detectable radar: Ka, K, X, MultaRadar (CD, CT), Gatso
  •     GPS lock can cause false alarm
  •     Red high-speed camera database, free lifetime update
  •     Firmware update and lifetime free update
  •     Amber OLED screen
  •     Voice alarm with 260 different messages
  •     GPS is quiet with great interest
  •     Low noise amplifier antenna
  •     Radar frequency range to choose from
  •     Blind Spot Monitor
  •     A separate TSR filter for traffic sensors
  •     Low Energy Detection K.
  •     Optional radar range KA POP
  •     Three ways (highways, city and city)
  •     Ghost-VG2 / Ghost cannot be recognized
  •     Online lessons can be found on the manufacturer's website
  •     The direct cable assembly can be separated and the condom installed
Busy problem:
Q: I haven't heard about Radenso Radar. When did you hear? A: We found out in 2012 and our head office is located in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Q: Was the difference between you and other radar detection companies? A: As we all know, our radar detectors are very quiet due to lost and long-term. As our advertising rights, we will get free updates for red light / high speed cameras for free for life. Our phone is headquartered in Ohio and there is no outsourcing.
Radenso RPM Pro Radar Detector
Radenso RPM Pro

Q: I have a specific claim and the radar detector has done nothing? Is there something A: the radar detector is very good. The police do not always operate the radar system, it just means they are audible. Remember that radar detectors can detect radar, not police cars.

Q: I believe that radar detectors are illegal? A: For private vehicles, radar detectors are legal only in Virginia and Washington DC and military protection. This is completely legal in 49 other U.S. interests.

Q: Why are there no restrictions for the wireless radar detector? A: Since the wireless radar detectors were tracking, the performance of the detector slowed immediately, that is, the range decreased over time without notice. Therefore, we will sell battery powered speed cameras.

Q: How much does it cost to upgrade the software on the radar detector? A: All software updates are free and can be taken from.

Q: I would like to talk to your company and products. Answer: Please do not contact us and send an email to us! Our number belongs to 1-888-RADENSO (723-3676). Business hours are Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM EST. If you hear a call when you're out of business, please send an audio message. We will pull your hearing aid on business day interests.

Fewer false alarms
Blind mirrors, speed control radar systems and traffic sensors are no longer a false alarm.

Red light alarm / high speed camera

When you approach the threat from the camera, Radenso Pro M reminds you and starts a few meters away from the camera. After authorization, you will receive successful audio ads.
Radenso RPM Pro Radar Detector
Radenso RPM Pro

Extreme sweat

Amazing sensitivity can save up to several kilometers and protect you even in the case of long-term threats.

Radenso RPM Pro Radar Detector Specs
  • Excellent Range - Excellent sensitivity can provide several kilometers of range, even when subjected to long-range threats, and provide protection.
  • American Warranty / Warranty / Radar Warranty - United States phone and email support. Radenso grants a one-year factory warranty. 30-day full money back guarantee. All of our detectors come with a free 1 year radar guarantee.
  • High-quality fault alarm filter - Radenso Pro M analyzes the DNA of the radar signal, and filters most of the false alarms around you with the help of radar stability control, blind monitoring system and traffic speed sensor.
  • GPS Lock - With GPS, Pro M can store false alarms common to the usual driving lane, so you don't have to hear the same false alarm twice. Simply press and hold a button to add a GPS lock. Other features include automatic mute at custom speed and automatic sensitivity adjustment based on current speed.
  • Red Light and High Speed ​​Camera Alerts - The pre-installed database contains more than 6000 red lights and high speed camera positions. With the built-in USB port, you can update at home for free every month and make sure your detector is outdated.

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