Asus VG249Q TUF 23.8 Full HD Gaming Monitor
Asus VG249Q TUF 23.8 Full HD Gaming Monitor

Asus VG249Q TUF 23.8 144Hz Full HD Gaming Monitor

I bought this screen to play almost the first person to compete for a game console (war game, MLG game type, screen, race, etc.). Hello, call of duty, the battlefield and its fate. If I understand correctly, this is a sub-screen for PC gaming because high-end PC gaming screens reach 144 Hz or more. However, for game consoles, this is a good choice if all games are kept at 60fps or less. It depends on the specifications. Good size, under $ 200, low latency input.

Before that, I watched a 72-inch Samsung TV run by my family. I did some research and I think the input latency is 78.9ms. The time range ranges from 7 to 9 minutes (1ms of ad time, but you need to take into account the actual delay between the console and the monitor). I used it right away and it took 30 minutes to find out all the settings and define brightness, balance and standby. I connected Xbox 360 (Yes 360) and started Xbox One, then I started playing. I didn't notice any difference from the TV I got used to. I played it and started a lot of blows and my movements improved a little but I did a little chalk. Link to the placebo effect.

After that, I went home on vacation, brought my 360 and brought it back to the Samsung 72 phone I mentioned earlier. Jehovah's command is ineffective. When I entered the main menu of dual games that I played with friends with my Destiny husband with friends, I noticed writing delays and barely managed to move or shoot precisely, it felt like I was playing a jelly game. After stopping, I gave up the game.

When I was at ASUS University, everything was perfect. Unattended entry is delayed, movement and fire return clear and accurate. Then I noticed how different this screen was. After that I played a lot of competitive games and worked hard to improve it. When I played the game in "Sweat of Destiny", the moves and punches I made 72 years ago a million years ago were impossible. Thanks clan.

Review Asus VG249Q TUF Full HD Gaming Monitor
Asus VG249Q TUF 23.8 Full HD Gaming Monitor

Is this screen magic? No. If you are a bad player, you cannot make magical progress on this screen. However, if you are playing at a semi-competitive level like me, your level will be higher than average and you want great game graphics to improve performance, then try it. I know BenQ and Asus are very good for competitive FPS screens. Honestly, I'm not a screen expert, so I can't say which one is the best. But I can say that I am very happy with this screen.

Asus VG249Q TUF 23.8 Full HD Gaming Monitor Technical index

  • 23.8 '' (1920 x 1080) IPS HD gaming screen with 144Hz fast refresh rate for professional gamers and fast games
  • ASUS low-speed technology with 1 MPRT less than 1ms to improve ghosting and motion blur
  • Free sync technology removes screen tears and intermittent frame rates
  • Convenient holder for full swivel, tilt, swivel and height adjustment
  • Shadow Enhancement technology improves image detail in dark areas, making the scene brighter without exposing the bright areas

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