Dell BBY-W24T5FX XPS 15 9570 4K UHD Laptop
Dell BBY-W24T5FX XPS 15 9570 4K UHD Laptop

Dell BBY-W24T5FX XPS 15 9570 4K UHD Laptop

I purchased this laptop as an upgrade for the poorest HP conversion, which is mainly used for web, email and video broadcasts. I was hoping (and still!) That I could use Dell XPS 15 9570 to process video, but I haven't had the opportunity in the past two months because I have new hardware.
I like screen quality, but I have to work with older versions (without subscription) of Adobe Photoshop (cs6). No computer error (HD computer monitor not supported by old versions of Photoshop).
The only thing that made me unhappy with this device was how to "wake it up" with the alarm clock. Older HP devices started working immediately, and this thing had to be pressed for 9 seconds (yes, I'm back); then iterations sometimes. Well, it doesn't matter, I can tell how to simplify that, but it's still "something." In addition, DELL displays the "This device has been updated" window, but it does not show you what happened and what was updated. It was also released with the release of WIN 10 "HOME", where I was able to switch to "PRO" due to a valid license for a previous version of WIN 7 - if you are in the same situation, find the line.
I don't play (the goal in the future is to watch and process videos) but I have a tested device that can press the fan (otherwise it will remain silent). Even if a fan flies, it's a quiet machine. Until now, this device has been removed for my use. HP laptops, which cost 1/4, are perfect for my business. However, this purchase is part of a long-term investment in cinema.

Dell BBY-W24T5FX XPS 15 9570 Technical index

  • 8th Generation Intel Core i7-8750H processors (6MB cache up to 4.1GHz with turbo support)
  • DDR4 3266MHz
  • 1 TB PCIe M.2 SSD
  • 15.6-inch InfinityEdge touchscreen, 4K Ultra HD (3840 x 2160)
  • NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti 4 GB

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