Fusion5 FWIN232+ Windows 10 Tablet PC

Fusion5 FWIN232+ Windows 10 Tablet PC

I purchased this tablet to replace the Asus VivoTab that was used for travel 5 years ago. Older devices cannot support the latest version of Windows 10, and support for Office 365 desktop applications is very slow. It not only supports 64-bit, but also includes the latest version of Windows (1803), so it contains "files on demand". I am allowed to access more than 1 TB of files from my Office 365 account. All applications work properly and quickly. The tablet is very professionally designed and has a beautiful back texture with which you can better control your device.
If you are using Microsoft teams like me, you will need a keyboard because the on-screen keyboard hides chat input fields. After looking at the seller, I now have a Protective Case Compatible with Fusion5 Keyboard, and I'm glad to say it has a British design and integrated trackpad. The downside is the lack of instructions. Although I have been a computer scientist for more than 40 years, I quickly get used to improvements on the touchpad.
The tablet becomes very hot while charging and CPU density, but you can still use it. This can affect battery life, which is currently considered an exception. The average use time between charges is more than 10 hours. If the battery does not bear the heat, only time will tell us.
If you need a laptop or a small Windows laptop, you should definitely consider this device because it is very inexpensive.

Fusion5 FWIN232+ Windows 10 Tablet PC
Fusion5 FWIN232+ Windows 10 Tablet PC

Fusion5 FWIN232+ Technical index

  • Extremely Slim and Ultra Slim: WINDOWS 10 S Tablet - the highest user experience. This latest version of Fusion5 for Windows Tablet PC comes with the latest easy-to-use Windows 10 software package. The perfect tablet for Windows for everyday use, be it for education, the office, or industry.
  • Super strong storage and more? Quad Core Intel processor with powerful GPU upgrade - 4GB RAM, this device is like a very powerful Windows disk!
  • 10 inch screen of Fusion5 Windows 10 S tablet is completely visible. 10 inch screen is perfect for watching our favorite TV shows, movies, YouTube and games!
  • Want more, this is a Bluetooth 4.0 Windows laptop. Equipped with Intel Quad Core processor and full-size USB 3.0 port.
  • Why buy this Windows 10 S tablet with FUSION5? This sleek, stylish, Windows-powered tablet doesn't know every square in terms of ease of use, great graphics and general specifications

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