GL.iNet MUDI GL-E750 4G Router
GL.iNet MUDI GL-E750 4G Router

Anonymous Easy Network:

Mudi supports Tor (Onion Router) service, supported by researchers around the world, and can be turned on and off easily with the simple rocker switch. When the Tor service is enabled, Mudi can encrypt and route communications randomly through a relay network run by volunteers from all over the world.

Major commercial VPN providers compatible:

Mudi maintains your internet connection using multiple VPN protocols. Use OpenVPN to provide the best encryption and authentication. Meanwhile, WireGuard provides users with a simple and fast VPN with modern encryption to protect their privacy. Mudi supports more than 25 commercial VPN service providers, so you can choose the package you want.

Use DNS Cloudflare DNS encrypted via TLS or DNS encrypted via HTTPS proxy:

Mudi Cloudflare is used for fast, secure and reliable DNS performance while preventing DNS penetration and domain theft.

GL.iNet MUDI GL-E750 Technical index

  • 4G LTE SMART ROUTER: Transmits 4G LTE signal to Wi-Fi, 300Mbit / s (2.4G) + 433Mbit / s (5G)
  • Open source and programming: VPN (OpenVPN and WireGuard), Tor, functions scalable.
  • Compact and durable: 145 * 77.5 * 23.5mm, light weight 285g, maximum working time of 8 hours. Perfect for your beautiful travel colleagues. Firmware version 3.0 makes configuration easier.
  • Largest Memory and Expansion: 128MB RAM DDR2, 16MB Flash, 128MB NAND Flash 128GB Max Micro, USB 2.0 Connectivity.
  • Delivery scope: Mudi router (GL-E750) with one year warranty, USB-C to USB-A, USB-C to USB-C cable, USB-C version, power supply (with plug) Qectel EC25-AFFA unit Pre-installed 4G, Ethernet cable, user guide and packaging bag.

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