HeimVision HM245 Security Camera with Night Vision

HeimVision HM245 Security Camera with Night Vision

I received this home vision security surveillance system to complete the current system. Before buying, I only had one camera and mentioned how to take it inside the house. This camera is a wireless camera that uses a microSD card as a backup in the cloud. I want wired devices and multimedia settings to easily monitor the video source and cover every inch of the home. When examining the camera system, I hope that at least 4 cameras will be secured and able to be viewed remotely via the DVR app or IP. I have found this product and it seems to meet my needs, so I decided to give it a try.

The configuration and installation is very simple. Everything is there except for the hard drive. I backed up a 3 TB hard drive and inserted it the kit contains a DVR unit, 4 cameras with all the necessary cables and screws connected, a USB mouse and two power supplies. One power supply is DVR and the other is for camera. Preparation requires a mouse.

The installation wizard displays the first time you start. Everything is clear, and leads you to the appropriate setting. As a recommendation, the device prompts you to test all cameras before installing. If you've worked on electronics or a DIY project, then you know this is a good suggestion. Test all devices before wasting time setting them up to make sure they don't work.

I tested all the cameras and everything went well, so I started installing the cameras and running all the cables through the loft.

The camera system is good, especially the price. Filmed at 1080p, I was able to provide detailed facial details to give helpful clues when trying to steal. I don't know how good the night vision quality is because I have a safety lamp that emits enough light to the sensor to record it in a 24/7 color vision.

The only downside I can think of is the upgrade. DVR supports 8 channels, but I'm not sure where to buy more cameras to add to the system. In addition, the camera power system can be connected to upgrade. This is the power cord 4-1. If you want to upgrade and add more cameras, you will also need to upgrade the new cable from 8 to 1.

The four cameras are perfect for my home because they are installed on all four corners and I have no base rating. For reference, my home is 2,100 square feet. If you have a house of different sizes then this is a good thing.

HeimVision HM245 Security Camera with Night Vision
HeimVision HM245 Security Camera with Night Vision

HeimVision HM245 Security Camera Technical index
  • Plug-and-play, easy to configure Connect the camera, monitor, and guide to the DVR using the supplied cable and turn on the camera and DVR for 24/7 monitoring. This video recording system supports previewing, video recording, simultaneous play, backup, motion detection and email notifications. Suitable for villas, squares, offices, stores, hotels, warehouses, schools, workplaces or anywhere else
  • The IP66 waterproof camera records 1080P to capture clear and sharp pictures. It provides live HD video clips and ensures smooth day and night shots with 2.0MP cameras. Night vision can reach 65 feet. IP Cameras Designed to Resist Dust and Water from -4 ° F to 122 ° F DVR 5MP-Lite is an HD TVI recorder for recording, transmission, storage, etc. (Supports up to 6 TB of HDD. HDD not included.) Best Choice For outdoor safety
  • The wireless monitoring system provides HeimVision alarms and face detection to reduce false alarms. When the camera detects a face, shape or movement, a smart notification is sent to your phone with an email / instant notification. Customize your own inspection plan and area for each camera. Receive instant notifications and notifications of current events
  • Privacy and mobile view Hide specific parts of the image in Live View to protect your privacy. The part you selected is defined as a black block regardless of the condition of the channel. Via Wi-Fi / 2G / 3G / 4G, you can access the device simultaneously on smartphone, tablet and PC remotely (IOS / Android). Wherever you are, you will not miss local time and long distance
  • Robust security and service camera system with durable design. We have experienced engineers and a professional support team to assist you at any time. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. It is equipped with a DVR 8CH 5MP-Lite camera and four IP66 1080P waterproof cameras. You can add more 4p, 1080p, or 5MP cameras

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