Huawei Watch GT Model WATCHGTACTIVERE SmartWatch
Huawei Watch GT Model WATCHGTACTIVERE SmartWatch

I used all versions of Fitbit on the contrary. But with the Huawei GT watch, I can count on the accuracy of the steps. Accuracy of steps is the key to fitness trackers, but not all appropriate bits are accurate. Sitting at a desk with your arm up can take thousands of steps a day. It will never get better in years. Huawei GT's steps are very accurate. This is how I test it. I'm taking ten steps and pausing; the number of steps per second was updated and shown on my phone. Ten steps, nothing more. Then I moved my arms back and forth; I saw Fitbit as steps. Huawei does not. That's because Huawei GT has GPS and he knows I haven't left!

Huawei also provided important information about the market. This BIOS displays alternately on the card, so I can repeat the same process and see if the speed and heart rate have improved. With Fitbit, I need to download another app to record rotation on the map. Huawei information includes Speed, Step, Height, Overall Ratio and Heart Rate. Fitbits and Galaxy watches can't do all this.

Huawei Watch GT Model WATCHGTACTIVERE SmartWatch

Huawei heart rate monitor is more intelligent. Use five colors to quickly show your heart rate, warm-up blue, fat-burning green, antenna orange, etc. In the end I had an average heart rate and a height chart. Since Huawei showed my real-time heart rate, I found that my heart rate was high when I was walking on flat ground. Somehow, my chest is tense and I hold my breath when walking on flat ground. However, when I went up the stairs, I knew I needed to breathe, relax my chest and transfer strength to my legs. The result was a higher heart rate, but slightly higher than walking on flat ground. Now that I have tested this multiple times, I know I have to relax on my chest instead of constantly breathing. I can see my heart rate is lower now when I walk on flat ground. Thanks Huawei, I am already making progress. I don't know the problem without it.

Another issue that has troubled Fitbit for a long time is the green LED on the heart rate monitor. Can not stop. I have no reason to monitor my heart rate in the office or in front of the TV. Huawei lets me turn it off! This saves battery power. The blinking green light is also not good for my skin. I see the red dot where the light is green. To avoid further skin irritation, the Versa was worn on the left arm during the day and on the right at night. With Huawei, I only start it at night; when I watch activity, it gets activated automatically and smartly.

Huawei Watch GT Model WATCHGTACTIVERE SmartWatch
Huawei Watch GT Model WATCHGTACTIVERE SmartWatch

Huawei's sleep tracker can help me understand sleep and make improvements, but Fitbit and Samsung Galaxy can't. It provides the same information about the sleep phase, but it tells me whether the percentage is low, normal or high. With this information, I now know how to translate this data. For example, this also gives me advice on how to increase deep sleep. Fitbit has told me about sleep for years, but I've never said what it means and how I can improve it. Finally, I now know whether my normal sleep is normal or not and what needs to be done to increase deep sleep so that the body repairs itself.

Huawei GT is the most beautiful of the watches from Versa and Samsung Galaxy. I bought Samsung Galaxy Watch earlier this year. I came back because it is made of cheap materials that look ugly. The screen is also more difficult to read. Fitbit Versa looks good, but not as good as Huawei Watch GT. I have never been interested in many apps from Galaxy Watch and Fitbit. Huawei is an advanced fitness tracker and a beautiful watch. I am more interested in this.

Huawei Watch GT Technical index

  • Autonomy and energy consumption model: 2 weeks with normal use, sustainable use, wear time 7 * 24 hours, while always maintaining a "heart rate"
  • CLATIC WATCH design is 10.6mm thick. 1.3-inch AMOLED screen specifications; wear-resistant and not easy to scratch
  • Professional Athlete, Born in Sport 3, Satellite Positioning: Track Improvement Algorithm, Higher Resolution and Higher Resolution for each Multisport Film Mode
  • 3 Satellite positioning: Supporting the fastest and most accurate GNSS (GPS / GLONASS / GALILEO) around the world can search for three satellites using a larger satellite system and more accurate positioning, GPS + GLO + GAL
  • 5 50 meters depth can reach 10 minutes * (Supports swimming position detection, automatic motion detection, SWOLF display, swimming effects can be measured automatically and also swimming support) Distance / time / calories / running frequency and speed statistics)

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