Karaforna Smart Watch for Kids
Karaforna Smart Watch for Kids

Karaforna Smart Watch for Kids Technical index

  • Wifi + GPS + LBS Location: Kids smart watch with GPS chip. The location of the cell phone station means double protection for children. When children are out, GPS provides a more accurate location than LBS and error is less than 30 meters. Note: WiFi is only used for positioning, no data transmission is available.
  • SOS: Kids GPS tracker monitors emergency calls. In an emergency, children can press the SOS button for 3 seconds to call for help. You can select up to 3 SOS numbers. Perfect for children in emergencies!
  • SIM not included: A smart card that can be used in children's smart watches. We only offer smart watches, no SIM cards. Please provide the recommended SIM card separately. In the U.S.A., we recommend using the following SIM cards: Speedtalk, American cell phone. Other AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon companies are not supported.
  • Best gift: the new version 2019! 1.4 inch HD touch screen smartwatch. Accurate and realistic display, easy to touch and slide. This smart baby watch is suitable for children and the best gift for children.
  • Multi-function screen and remote control: Kids' watch supports two-way calls, GPS location, SOS emergency calls, camera, voice chat, remote voice control screen, clock, math games and much more. With this app, parents can control and set their hours. (Remote Voice Control: Set the voice command number in the app, dial the number and the watch will answer automatically without calling you back.)

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