MSI Optix MPG341CQRV Curved Gaming Monitor

MSI Optix MPG341CQRV Curved Gaming Monitor

34-inch Curved MSI Display with AMD FreeSync Compatible Technology Allows you to set the screen refresh rate for any AMD GPU. With a smooth refresh rate of 120Hz and a response time of 1ms, you can quickly access fast games like the best shooting games, MMO RPGs, battles, races, real-time strategies and sports. You can also use MSI OSD and Mystic Light game to adjust screen settings and RGB lighting. With intuitive media like smart cameras, you can connect to your profile faster. If you want to use an excellent camera with a tripod for transportation, position the camera correctly at the top of the screen with the included camera holder. Jump to the curve with a super mysterious game from MSI.

MSI Optix MPG341CQRV Curved Gaming Monitor
MSI Optix MPG341CQRV Curved Gaming Monitor

MSI Optix MPG341CQRV Technical index
  • 34-inch MSI gaming display with ULTRAWIDE curve and 1800W UWQHD curve (3440 x 1440 pixels) and realistic dynamic contrast ratios of HDR 400, 3000: 1 and 21: 9
  • Fast and smooth visual effects - 120Hz refresh rate and 1ms response time. With the VA LED panel, soft bezel frames can be created for ghost and reflection speeds
  • Adaptive Freesync-FreeSync technology adapts to the GPU computer's refresh rate, avoids screen tears and knots and ensures a particularly smooth and instant rendering
  • RGB-MSI's custom user experience and OSD provide in-game assistance and screen customization. With MSI Mystic Light, SteelSeries Gamesense allows you to create RGB lighting effects based on in-game programming and synchronization with compatible RGB SteelSeries accessories.
  • Night Vision - Use Night Vision to see more details of the darkest places in the game, such as B. in caves and dark rooms
  • SMART CAMERA - Built-in smart webcam with face recognition and color profile changes by user
  • Wide-angle design - 178 ° glare protection, ultra-narrow bezel for seamless multi-screen setups and a comprehensive gaming experience (height setting from 0 to 100mm)

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