Review Optimus 2.0 Bundle Model ABCD GPS Tracker
Review Optimus 2.0 Bundle Model ABCD GPS Tracker

Its compact size (3 x 1.5 inch x 1 inch) makes the GPS tracker very portable. When you are not using an internal motion sensor, you can increase battery performance by enabling sleep mode. Use Google Maps to track accurate (scalable) tracking units on an easy-to-use tracking site. If you press the middle button on the tracker, you will receive a notification about the SMS number and a predefined email address. Receive GPS tracker warnings regarding speed, warnings about entering or exiting from pre-defined areas or when the tracker battery is low. Ideal for monitoring cars, trucks, the elderly, children and property.
Service price: $ 19.95 a month. Credit / debit card.

Powerful application

This GPS tracking app is very easy to use. Simply, it does not make sense. Create alerts, geographical closures and driving reports through the app. Available for iPhone and Android devices.


Use the Optimus 2.0 GPS tracker alone to track your bag or bags. Put it in the car. Or use a strong magnet to place it under the car's surface or metal.

the battery

Battery consumption is directly affected by the number of positions the tracker indicates. The more the device moves in the day, the more battery is used. You can adjust the frequency of reports from predefined times by tracking apps and websites.

Optimus contains a magnetic box

Neodymium magnets are the most powerful permanent magnets on the market. We added two! The closed water tank with two magnets is ideal for connecting and protecting GPS trackers. Used by law enforcement and private investigators, it will definitely work for your application.

Optimus 2.0 Bundle Model ABCD GPS Tracker Technical index

  • A combination of two components: GPS Tracker Optimus 2.0 and Dual Magnet Box-4G LTE
  • $ 19.95 per month - can be canceled at any time - without a contract - without hidden fees - 30-second customizable placement reporting. Go to 10 seconds.
  • IPhone and Android apps for quick and easy tracking - special instructions for investigators
  • Motion, speed, exit or entry into area, battery low, email alert and SMS for SOS button drive report
  • Includes SIM and FCC data plan, PTCRB certification authority US coverage

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