ThiEYE Carbox 5R -1 Dashcam FHD  Front and Rear Car Camera

ThiEYE Carbox 5R -1 Dashcam FHD  Front and Rear Car Camera

ThiEYE Carbox 5R -1 Dashcam FHD  Front and Rear Car Camera
This combination and the rear view camera combination are easy to use. Do not ask anything, but you have to pay the price. It has great features like: a motion sensor that can start recording while standing. A reversing camera is provided with a cable to connect the reversing lights. If you do not know how to do this, the instructions will not help you. I have to know how to do this online. Switch between screens automatically to display the rear view camera. In my car it was difficult to attach the rear view camera directly in the middle because the box button was too big and I had to attach it a little to the side. I don't think most cars will face this problem. In general, I am satisfied with the quality because of the price.

ThiEYE Carbox 5R -1 Dashcam Technical index

Including 32G and SD card
ThiEYE front and rear cameras are equipped with Class 10 SD 32G cards. So you don't have to buy them separately. So forget to buy a camera that wastes your time.

Waterproof rear view camera
The dual driving camera has a reversible waterproof camera that allows you to see and record what is happening behind the car even at night. Since it is water resistant, don't worry about rain.

The driving camera is equipped with 3M adhesive holder and suction holder, and it is simple, safe and easy to install. Choose one that suits your needs.

ThiEYE Carbox 5R -1 Dashcam FHD  Front and Rear Car Camera

Car charger with USB connection
Connect the car charger and start the engine. The car camera is recorded automatically. Thanks to the additional USB connection to your car charger, you can fully charge your phone and tablet.

Wide front and back view
Equipped with a 170 degree wide lens, it can capture 4 lanes not only recording the car at the front, but also 130 degrees at the back. This way, you can clearly record traffic lights, traffic lights and license plates.

Auto rear view camera mode
When reverse gear is activated, the Thieye dashboard camera screen automatically displays full rear view with parking instruction. With the waterproof mirror, you can park your car easily and safely.

Emergency department
Driving recorder with adjustable G-sensor. If G-Sensor is triggered by a sudden collision, the existing images will be saved and protected on the SD card, providing you with an important guide.

ThiEYE Carbox 5R -1 Dashcam FHD  Front and Rear Car Camera

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Equipped with a large aperture of 6 / 1.8 F / 1.8 for capturing 20% ​​more lens than F / 2.0 and wide dynamic range (WDR) adjusts exposure to capture images and balanced movies
  • Front and rear cameras 1080p and 720p: Di Thye has a 1080p Full HD 1080p HDD front and back 720p, with the front and back of the camera cars can be monitored with very high resolution at the same time
  • Gravity sensor and emergency lock: The built-in gravity sensor automatically begins to record and protect from sudden vibrations or collisions. These videos are blocked and not replaced by the track recording function. It keeps you away from driving conflicts
  • 170 ° wide night vision and excellent night vision: built-in fash camera with 170 ° F1.8 wide aperture and large dynamic range (WDR) / HDR, ensuring sharp night images even in environments with poor lighting conditions
  • Multi-function driving recorder: The ThiEYE driving recorder camera is a multi-function camera: gravity sensor, motion detection, park monitoring, cycle recording, WDR, voice activation / deactivation, time stamping etc. The versatile dashboard provides you with an excellent and safe driving experience

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