ViewSonic Elite XG270QG 144hz Gaming Monitor
ViewSonic Elite XG270QG 144hz Gaming Monitor

ViewSonic Elite XG270QG 144hz 1440p Gaming Monitor

A few years ago I had the Dell Ultrasharp 60 Hz in a beautiful and bright color using the IPS panel. I was able to play the competitive Counter Strike game (input arrival time was 0.6ms! 0.6!) And I was able to do some graphic design work due to the excellent color accuracy.

But the monitoring technology is developing and showing 120 Hz and 144 Hz at a sufficient speed. I still wanted to reach a very competitive level in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, but at this point, unfortunately, only 144Hz input screens were TN boards. So I had to give up all my work as an amateur graphic designer. However, BenQ screen is perfect for CS: GO. With the BluQ Busters' BenQ Utur tool, you can control brightness and mutual signals on the screen. The only advantage is that the higher the brightness, the higher the refresh rate and the less light the panel emits.

Earlier this year I bought LG 27GK750F-B27 for 240 Hz. The jump from 60 Hz to 144 Hz is not important, but it is enough to attract attention. Firmware not activated. Download the "Custom Resolution Utility" on "Overclocking" screen to get the correct refresh rate. When performing motion distortion reduction, the screen usually operates at 240Hz and black pieces appear on the screen from time to time or slightly, etc. The window does not seem to match the screen output and freezes temporarily. E: There are "solutions" that try to stick to a short period of time before working together again. Stability. LG does not bother to issue a fixed release after the consulting company constantly requested the news.

ViewSonic Elite XG270QG 144hz Gaming Monitor

For this reason, after no firmware support, I decided to stop buying LG branded screens, and the included screens did not work as advertised.

But I have heard that these IPS 240 Hz displays will be available soon. In general, Blur Busters often get the best suggestions for the gaming screen: the owner of the site has said that he has calibrated the noise reduction process on the new ViewSonic card, and a 120Hz brightness clearly reminds him of the Holy Grail of CRT: Sony GDM FW900 movement and color.

Sony has owned GDM FW900 for about 5 years and is famous for being the best CRT monitor. (Only craftsmen can break it with photography). So if I heard that the IPS panel looks good in terms of clarity of the mobile device for the FW900, then that would be very exciting to me.

I can say that although it's not quite the same as the FW900 in Noise Reduction mode (there will be more brightness in the next firmware version I said), or these blacks that aren't disappointed (IPS glow) are there, but I'll get that what It is closest to the CRT which is on the LCD. It's so cool that I won't miss astonishing performance with the FW900. For extremists, the LCD is still a screen, and images displayed by CRT cannot match higher LCD screens. Shame killing CRT. However, I think XG270 has Noise Reduction enabled and sRGB / IPS color is 99% which can almost compensate for this contrast. The FW900 is dead, and the FW900 is alive!

Prevents motion blur at 240 Hz (up to 241 Hz on Windows) and speech interferer at bottom, not affected by CS: GO, Rocket League, Overwatch and other factors. (All games can be set to 240 fps or more). When reading CS: GO I did not notice any delay in entering. It may be faster than the LG Card you previously purchased. No tears or tears. (I have an RTX2080Ti card and an i999k processor.)

ViewSonic Elite XG270QG 144hz Gaming Monitor

The "G-Sync" option is excellent and you obviously get more brightness by reducing motion blur. In fact, I have found that G-Sync has a very low latency and that VSYNC is suitable for working with CS: GO. If you really want to get rid of a thousandth of a second, you can of course turn off G-Sync, but I can stick to it. For games other than CS: GO, I use G-SYNC and refresh rate may need to be reduced to 120Hz, because most modern games have problems getting 240fps continuously.

The sRGB OSR color temperature setting provides the best pre-defined IMO colors. Of course you can configure it according to your needs.

The screen and stand are very nice and don't look cheap.

TL. DR- If you want both motion clarity and color accuracy, you need to remove the TN card and switch to IPS. I couldn't be happier. He pleaded with me as a serious CS: GO player and occasionally played regular ESEA games. I love the flexibility in preparing for competitive use and skin care because my BenQ range can't.

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