XGODY T901 Kids 9 Inch Android Tablet
XGODY T901 Kids 9 Inch Android Tablet

XGODY T901 Kids 9 Inch Android Tablet Technical index

  • The robust, powerful, and full Android tablet tablet has a 1.3GHz Quad Core processor, Android 6.0 screen, 800 x 480 IPS HD resolution, WiFi, Bluetooth, cameras, touch screen, 1GB RAM and 16GB RAM. You can expand the storage space on a 32GB SD card to store photos, music and videos. A more stable WiFi device can give you a better experience. You can get powerful all-in-one jobs.
  • 9 Inch Kids Tablet And IPS Eye Protection Screen The kids tablet has a high quality LED screen that can rotate 360 ​​degrees without completely changing the dead color of the child's eyes.
  • Child extended lock mode. Tablets use parental controls to monitor apps, set learning goals, and filter out inappropriate content. Manage and reduce behavior easily with a focus on creating a safe environment for children. Children can read the children's CD more freely and parents can easily rest. In addition, parents can enter all of the functions of their personal tablet in the adult profile by entering a personal password.
  • The well designed protective cover for children is wear-resistant, eco-friendly, light and soft. The kids protective bag can protect against falls or vibrations. The adjustable stand makes it easy to use the tablet and protects your child's vision. Children can watch the video without having to press the tablet, and parents are not afraid the child will accidentally hit it.
  • Effective games and applications in the entertainment industry are being developed and developed by educational experts. The design concept "teaches the entire brain" so children can learn and have fun anytime, anywhere via WLAN. Age Kids apps provide a great way to watch, listen, perceive and monitor the world in the essential stages of brain development. This is a great gift for children.

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