YIMAN Activity Fitness Tracker Smart Watch
YIMAN Activity Fitness Tracker Smart Watch

It is an advanced fitness tracker / watch that can also calculate heart rate, steps and sleep time. Sweet and elegant. I really like this set. It feels really cool and can land on it easily. The charger is magnetic, solid and well designed. It is fully charged and my husband and I have been wearing it for more than eight hours. The battery charge of all our watches is always 90 to 93%.

After the change, I add: The Holy Cow, the independence of this watch is incredible! We didn't count anything for 15 days, but it was still 38%. If I use an elbow every time I fold it, the battery will be destroyed faster. My husband has to account for the first time today.

My only complaint is that if you take off at night, this time it is your bedtime, even if you are not asleep and you cannot set the start time manually. I hope to start at any time when I wake up, or if he doesn't have a win, he won't get any points. Instead, the time I spent rubbing my husband was strange sleep.

Two changes: now 30 and last delivery 11. My battery life is still 22%. Let me see if a month can live. Moreover, I was always hitting it strangely because I was embarrassed; it was so solid and well done. There are no scratches or marks on the screen.
I love this watch! Recommended!

YIMAN Activity Fitness Tracker Smart Watch
YIMAN Activity Fitness Tracker Smart Watch

YIMAN Activity Fitness Tracker Smart Watch Technical index

  • Real Smart Watch: 1.3 inch TFT LCD screen. Smart Fitness Tracker with Data and Time Display, Accurate Hate, Sleep Monitoring, 24 Hour Heart Monitor, Automatic Pedometer, Brightness Adjustment, Alarm Clock, Stopwatch, Phone Rejection, More Training Modes, Music Control, SMS Reminder, Language Reminder and Support Multiple, automatically track heart rate, sleep quality, steps, calories burned and more and remember them
  • IP68 waterproof notification and notification: Smart Tracker meets international standards IP68 waterproof and dustproof. Don't worry about washing hands, spraying water, sweating, or rain. However, do not use it for diving or showering and remember to use it only at room temperature. This smart watch is the perfect companion for business and efficiency all day long. Receive phone or SMS notifications, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp messages
  • Heart rate and sleep monitoring: Automatically track your ear rate, sleep quality, steps and calories burned, etc., and remember to take action after a long time to get rid of bad habits. It keeps you active all day. As long as you wear this smart sports watch for your loved ones, you can monitor your health data anytime, anywhere. You can also use your watch or app to disclose data and learn more about yourself. Body and make better adjustments. Help you find your way
  • The fitness tracker has 9 sports modes: our smart watch can track your activities all day long, for example b. Running, hiking, biking, walking, swimming, etc. Burn calories and drive for long distances. Nine workout templates are created to help you better understand your exercise data.
  • Battery life and warranty conditions: Don't worry about battery issues with the smart Bluetooth watches. It takes only 2.5 hours at one cost, so you need 10 business days or 30 days on hold. This Bluetooth Smart Fitness Tracker watch supports most smartphones equipped with Bluetooth 4.0 or later or iOS 8.0 or higher. So download the "VeryFitPro" app from the app store to unlock all these great features.

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