Zoom Model 3095 USB Modem
Zoom Model 3095 USB Modem
If you are looking for convenience, ease of installation and high performance in a remote access modem, this is the adapter that supports USB zoom and USB modems. Because of its small size and light weight, they are ideal for laptops or desktop computers. Installation is very easy. Simply plug one end of the fax modem to a USB port on a Windows or Mac OS X computer and connect the other end to the phone jack using the provided phone cord. The USB port powers the fax modem, so you do not need Power Cube! Zoom 3095 supports a two-year warranty in the U.S. and high-quality technical support from Zoom Telephonics. The 3095 perfectly complies with the latest standards for analog V.92 and V.44 modems to enable faster V.92 connections, faster internet surfing and shorter connection times. You can make calls while connected to the Internet using the V.92 modem in standby mode. Other features of the fax modem include: programmable time support DTMF (keyboard tone), call progress detection (ring tone, busy tone, ring tone, etc.), voicemail support (computer with compatible audio and software required), ZoomGuard protection technology Advanced and compact equipment, digital signal processor and H.324 point-to-point video support via dial-up phone lines.

Zoom Model 3095 USB Modem Technical index
  • Power supply without USB battery or power supply required. Additional built-in USB modem. Compatible with USB 1.1, 2.0 and 3.0
  • Supports the latest standards for faster access and mobility modems with V.92, V.90 and V.44. Integrated controllers and digital signals improve compatibility with Windows, Macintosh and Linux systems.
  • Fast connection time with V.92 QuickConnect
  • Fax support - requires Windows PC or Mac OS X (10.6 or higher).

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