Samsung announces development of wireless TV
Samsung announces development of wireless TV

Samsung CEO announced on Sunday that the company has developed a wireless TV, but the product will not be shown at CES 2020 Consumer Electronics in Las Vegas, USA.

(Han Jong He) - Head of Samsung's Visual Display division said: The company has developed a TV that does not need cables from the device to the socket.

The debate started over this type of TV last year when a pending patent from Samsung showed that the company is designing a fully wireless TV that uses wireless power technology similar to the one currently used in smartphones.

After a Samsung event in Las Vegas, Han told reporters, "We've developed wireless TV." "But to display the product here, we have to do construction work on the walls." However, some people have ruled out the real reason, mostly due to Samsung's capabilities and more display space than other companies, but the TV seems not ready for the show.

According to Han, the TV developed by Samsung currently uses two types of long-distance wireless broadcasts. However, given the structure of walls and other devices, this is not enough to equip the TV with constant power. Han said, "Wireless broadcasts currently have twice the power of televisions." "If we put the device on the market today, consumers will have to solve the energy problem," he added. However, Han said Samsung is working hard to bring fully wireless TV to the market.

Samsung has announced at CES 2020 that in addition to TVs that can be used vertically and horizontally, there is also a frameless TV that fits the content of smartphones.

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