Samsung's Device Care app sends data to China
Samsung's Device Care app sends data to China

After Reddit users have published the latest in-depth articles on Chinese spyware preinstalled on all Samsung phones and tablets, the device's garbage collection feature on all recent Samsung Galaxy phones has an integrated app that has caused excitement in the Samsung online community. ,

The publication said: The device memory check was performed by a Chinese company. Remove it using traditional methods.

He was able to demonstrate that the memory analysis tool contacted the ih Qihoo 360 server during active use, but was unable to determine the information and tips exchanged between devices, but it was not the first time that Qihoo 360 performed the same behavior. Samsung mobile phones. ,,,,

From the beginning of 2019, this behavior has been present in many preinstalled services like Samsung ApexService, ANT + HAL service, app installer, help menu, AirCommandManager etc.

Samsung, like many other Android vendors, usually has several features added to its mobile phones, which is a hardware maintenance app that has features.

The tool provides improved performance of the device, or you can free up internal storage space by checking the device to browse all other applications and all data stored on the device if necessary, and the room can be deleted and published.

It is a Chinese software company whose suspicious transactions have been registered for a long time. , Samsung may have signed an agreement with a Chinese company called Qihoo 360.

Samsung and the supposed Qihoo 360 software installed on Galaxy phones can send data to a Chinese server. This shows that Samsung takes its user data seriously, designs data protection and product safety, and manages website optimizations (including searching for junk files and taking full advantage of Samsung's hardware maintenance solution).

The South Korean giant said that Qihoo 360's main contribution is to use the identification library that stores the tool's location, and Qihoo 360 does not receive any data that allows it to locate specific files on users' devices.

"During this process, there is no personal data between servers, and the only general information needed to transmit information is the OS model, phone model, and storage capacity."

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