Snapchat founders love Tik Tok and hope to bypass Instagram
Snapchat founders love Tik Tok and hope to bypass Instagram

The CEO of Snapchat app (Snapchat) said that TikTok app could replace Instagram app on Facebook

(Evan Spiegel) compared Instagram content with the content of the short video platform Tik Tok, which has become popular with young people all over the world, especially in the USA.

"Talent-based content in the Chinese company Tic-Tac app is more interesting than case-based content," Snapchat founder, Instagram, said at the Digital Living Design conference in Munich on Sunday. In addition to Instagram, Spiegel said: "This is possible."

It should be noted that the launch of the Tik Tok app is similar to the Snapchat app, and Facebook has struggled to limit its growth for years by copying its most popular post that benefits from (story). Enormous popularity of Facebook and Instagram. The feature (Story) was launched in 2016 for Instagram and then for other Facebook apps, including instant messaging and WhatsApp apps. Jobs now has more than 500 million users.

When asked about Spiegel's opinion about using Tic-Tac, he replied, "I love Tic-Tac" and added: "I am a big fan."

After Tik Tok appeared, Facebook tried to imitate it with the launch of the Lasso app. However, due to the limited availability of its new app, Facebook was unable to limit the growth of Tik Tok. On the contrary, according to data from SensorTower, the market research firm for mobile apps, more than one billion apps were downloaded to China last year. This is the second most downloaded app in the world in 2019.

Meanwhile, according to Bank of America analysis, Facebook and Instagram app downloads have decreased by 13% over the past year in September. However, downloads are not the only sign of success. Although Instagram has over a billion monthly active users worldwide, market research firm App Annie says it estimates 625 million monthly active users. Last October, 210 million active Snapchat users were reported daily.

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