SpaceX tests its crew, Dragon Crew
 SpaceX tests its crew, Dragon Crew

SpaceX has completed a comprehensive test of its Dragon spacecraft security platform through a multi-year test program.  It is an important step to bring people into space, as the test involves the launch of a dragon with the launch of a Falcon 9 without a real crew.

The launch was subsequently stopped intentionally using the IFA's on-board defeat system, which separated and simulated the kite about 84 seconds after it was fired from the missile crew, which occurred during the launch on how to put passengers in hidden danger.

As usual, the Crew Dragon capsule used its eight Super Draco engines to quickly retract the missile, which included in the real mission the safety of the astronauts on board the vehicle in the event of an unexpected missile failure.

The kite team can travel half a mile in 7.5 seconds.  At this speed, astronauts will produce more than four times the Earth's gravity.  When the spaceship reaches a safe distance, it immediately sets umbrellas and heads of the Atlantic Ocean.  It must be restored.

The Falcon 9 was designed to be reusable.  The same missile was used for three space missions, but was deliberately destroyed for testing after the Dragon separated from the crew and the fire ball exploded in the air.

This success paved the way for the astronauts who arrived at the International Space Station this year.  Elon Musk, CEO of SpaceX, said that the first astronaut mission may take place in April, adding that this capsule was ready for this historic mission, which will take place in February or March.

This was reported to be the last major test before SpaceX sent the crew to the crew and to the International Space Station.  Although there is no specific date, the company can complete the plan immediately after answering previous capsule test questions.

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