Tesla turns the Cybertruck broken glass incident into a shirt
Tesla turns the Cybertruck broken glass incident into a shirt

Tesla, the electric car manufacturer, managed to smash a cybertruck window in an event that was revealed by selling new accident-inspired shirts and new clothes and accessories inspired by a new electric car avoided.

When Tesla released Cybertruck at the end of last year, it sparked a lot of debate, especially about his stage appearance. Although some people have paid more attention to specifications and price, many people have also talked about their release. ,

According to Tesla, the electric truck is bulletproof: Cybertruck provides maximum durability and passenger protection, from semi-rigid stainless steel buildings to bulletproof glass.

To prove this, chief designer Tesla Franz von Holzhausen struck the steel ball of the prototype window with a heavy hammer. Although the window is not completely damaged, but corrupted, the responses of the designer and CEO indicate that this should not happen.

The accident appears to have prompted Tesla to sell a cyber-shot bulletproof shirt. Inspired by broken glass at Cyber ​​Truck, the automaker has described its products as outstanding on its website. Comfortable and inspired by the accident in Cybertruck.

She added that the shirt is made of 100% cotton without bulletproof materials, and the official Cybertruck logo is printed on the back. Tesla sells new Cybertruck shirt for $ 45 and expects delivery in two weeks.

The upper tank is one of many new items of clothing and accessories launched by Tesla Cybertruck, including trucker hats and jackets.

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