Teslasuit gloves let you feel virtual things CES 2020
Teslasuit gloves let you feel virtual things CES 2020

Teslasuit introduces a glove that allows users to feel virtual tissues called Teslasuit Glove and will debut at the CES conference this month with the goal of shipping by the second half of 2020.

The manufacturer introduces the new glove manufacturer Teslasuit Glove with a view to use in training operations, medical rehabilitation operations and other professional applications, it combines many different applications to create the impression of touching and holding objects at the same time, in addition to capturing the movement of users' hands and recording the pulse in addition to a number of vital processes The other.

Glove designers do not exclude its use in games and entertainment, but given about $ 5,000 its price, it is unimaginable that the glove would be like virtual reality glasses.

Teslasuit Glove will compete with a number of current products from Manus VR and HaptX companies, although so far no high-resolution technologies have been detected as is the case with HaptX gloves, Teslasuit has so far been characterized by a large group of nine electrodes on Each finger produces a sense of a nonexistent surface, while the vibration-resistant plastic exterior provides a simulation of interaction with solid objects.

In addition, the gloves capture the movement of the wrist and fingers of the user, which helps collect information about the heart rate, which indirectly helps to measure stress and other physical reactions.

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