The COVID-19 tracker can be used on Android phones on Google Play
The COVID-19 tracker can be used on Android phones on Google Play

Google has confirmed its intention to use the Apple Infrastructure Service (Google Play) and the following COVID-19 tracker to update Android phones and other mobile devices, ensuring that more Android phones are installed and deployed effectively Make sure that it can be used on Android 6.0 (Marshmallow) or business phones the above.

Google Play services is the only reliable system that provides instant software updates for Android phones. Another method (full OS update) is usually characterized by delays from telecom companies and manufacturers.

Google has announced that its update system will be implemented via Bluetooth in two phases of the call window. This is the first stage of the API launch, which is planned for next month, and the OS API stage in the coming months. .

However, many Android devices cannot take advantage of the new update because it does not benefit from the service (Google Play), which includes all Android phones in China in addition to Huawei phones sold all over the world. China has imposed restrictions on the United States. .

As per applicable regulations, Google Huawei cannot provide any software. This means that Huawei cannot apply the tracking system to its cell phones.

Google has solved this problem by developing a framework that companies like Huawei, Xiaomi, and other Chinese companies can use to copy the security tracking system developed by Apple and Google. However, it belongs to Huawei and other manufacturers. The Chinese people decide whether to use the system or not. .

This is said to be the same update strategy that Google used for the main project system last year. The system was launched last year to provide a newer version of Android, but the main update to the project is a clearly open source.

Google declined to comment on the framework, saying it was still not sure whether it would review the code for listed companies that wanted to offer a similar system.

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