The daughter of Huawei founder appears in court to prevent extradition to the United States
The daughter of Huawei founder appears in court to prevent extradition to the United States

Huawei chief financial officer Ming Wang said in court documents released on Friday: Depending on US sanctions against Iran, moving the Ming family to the United States would set a dangerous precedent and could hinder Iran from Canada's policies.

Ming, 47, was arrested at Vancouver International Airport on December 1, 2018, at the request of the United States. He was charged with bank fraud and accused of misleading HSBC to mislead Iranian affairs in favor of Huawei. She rejected Ms. Ming's allegations and is now trying to prevent her from extraditing.

The Canadian Attorney General said in a statement released last week that the extradition was the daughter of Huawei's founder Ming because of his HSBC misinformation, and that U.S. sanctions should be seen as the legal environment for extradition fraud taking place. Contribute and not justify the estate.

The Ming Group described the Prosecutor's argument as "prepared" and argued that prosecutors' application of US sanctions posed a risk to economic deprivation in both countries. They said: "American law becomes Canadian law. A dual crime becomes a crime. They write that this is a dangerous precedent for granting prosecution extradition penalties because it conflicts with the authority of the government." (Canadians) In foreign affairs ... In a democratic society, it is better to be in an elected legislative assembly than in important public order decisions made in the judicial system. "

Ming appeared in court for the first time in months, the first in months when he attended a case management meeting to make an appointment to hear a Canadian prosecutor claiming that he had the right to disclose some of the documents issued by the Ming Legal Department may be needed.

The first stage of the Ming Dynasty extradition trial begins in the United States on Monday before the Federal Supreme Court in Vancouver, Canada.

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