The United States intends to do more harm to Huawei
The United States intends to do more harm to Huawei

According to the latest Reuters report, the US government is trying to blacklist telecom operators. The U.S. government is about to enact laws that would significantly expand its powers to prevent foreign goods from being shipped to Huawei.

In May last year, the US Department of Commerce listed Huawei on the blacklist for national security reasons.

This allows the US government to restrict the sale of US-made products to Chinese companies and to restrict the sale of some foreign-made products that contain American technology.

Under current regulations, large external supply chains are still out of control by U.S. authorities, adding to the frustration of the anti-China government in the U.S. government trying to expand the power of the United States to prevent it from further products about Huawei.

American companies say efforts to allow the government to organize more sales for Huawei, including simple technology components made overseas with very little American technology, could cause unnecessary harm to U.S. companies.

Companies confirmed that U.S. government actions encouraged Huawei to buy more goods from abroad.

Reuters reported in November that the Commerce Department was considering expanding the minimum base to reduce the salary of a foreign producer to the United States, giving the US government powers to regulate exports.

If components made in the United States make up more than 25% of components made in the United States, the United States may, in accordance with applicable regulations, allow or prevent the export of many of the most advanced technology products shipped from other countries to China.

It is reported that the Ministry of Commerce has developed a bill to reduce the share of exports to China to 10% while expanding its scope to include non-technical products such as consumer electronics with insensitive chips.

The Commerce Department sent the law to the Office of Management and Budget last week. If the law is signed by other government agencies, it can be published as a final law within a few weeks without the opportunity to obtain public comments before it takes effect.

The U.S. Department of Commerce has also created regulations to expand the Foreign Direct Products Act, which is regulated by a product or technology program that is manufactured in the United States under U.S. supervision.

Provisions must be extended to include simple technology components based on American technology manufactured overseas and delivered to Huawei.

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