Tik Tok is following in Snapchat's footsteps to attract advertisers
Tik Tok is following in Snapchat's footsteps to attract advertisers

TikTok, which is a popular video app for teenagers, plans to launch harmonized content feeds to provide safe storage for brands by the Chinese state-owned company, which is concerned about the number of unpleasant videos on its platform.

The app explores the possibility of posting new groups, including content carefully chosen by Tik Tok makers, or original videos created by professional publishers.

This decision allows the application to follow in the footsteps of Snap, the most competitive American company, and to impose higher ad rates on brands that are more distinct than current classified ads for food videos.

TikTok’s decision could dispel fears of major brands and advertising agencies that their ads can work with annoying or illegal user versions on new platforms.

"If the tick takes this action, it makes sense," said a partner from a major advertising agency familiar with the plan.

It is part of the Chinese technology company ByteDance, which is valued at about $ 75 billion and has more than one billion users per month in just three years, but has outperformed its biggest competitor in terms of editing capabilities. Content.

The Financial Times reported last month that many researchers have found inappropriate content in the app, such as violence against women that appears to violate their guidelines.

Snap 2015 created a Discover Discover tab with editorial-style magazine content from media groups like Condé Nast and The Wall Street Journal, as well as original videos like NBC and CBS.

Snap shares advertising sales generated by this content from these partners under the revenue sharing agreement, and brands can place video ads in the Snap's Discovery section, but the ad price is higher compared to other app sites.

Snape said in her latest win announcement that there are over 100 Discovery Channels with 10 million viewers per month and that the time spent watching the broadcast increased by 40% year on year.

Tik Tok's decision to attract advertisers to Snapchat is based on the fact that executives have actively promoted US and European brands to invest in the app.

The company also invests in recruiting competitors such as Facebook and Snap, and in developing tools for advertisers, including platforms that allow companies to buy ads directly without hiring an account manager. ,

It should be noted that Bock Chandlee, the chief advertising partner of Tock Talk in the U.S., said in an interview last month that the company was also looking at how to enable users to shop directly from the brand.

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