TikTok outperformed Facebook and Messenger in 2019
TikTok outperformed Facebook and Messenger in 2019

According to the Sensor Tower report, TikTok reached 700 million downloads in 2019, which exceeds Facebook and Messenger app downloads.

Although the TikTok app is banned in the U.S. Navy and U.S. Army for security reasons, Chinese social networking apps have been able to gain more access and gain a larger user base for the latter. Time.

TikTok is the second app downloaded in 2019, and WhatsApp remains the first app downloaded in the world in 2019. 850 million downloads.

The Sensor Tower report also shows that 45% of app downloads came specifically from the Indian market, and WhatsApp achieved growth of over 39% in the last quarter of 2019.

TikTok is known as a social media app that allows users to post and share short videos for up to 15 seconds. The app also belongs to the Chinese company ByteDance.

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