Uzone Trucks Backup Camera
Uzone Trucks Backup Camera

The wireless digital Uzone rear view camera has a WiFi hotspot that easily connects to applications on Apple and Android devices, so you can display the camera view on the device screen. The camera is IP68 waterproof, with adjustable sunlight and weather protection at the top. In addition, the camera can be turned up and down to adjust the viewing distance behind it.

Mounting can be done easily with just one cable, as you only need to plug it into the trailer's backlight to generate power (the reverse light is used only). If you want the camera to remain on at all times, you must use a steady power source.

Application: Android: Download the "Safetycam" app from the Google Play Store. iOS: Download the "securityeye" app from the Apple Store.

For those responsible for transporting full-time trailers, this wireless rear view camera will help you greatly and save you a lot of time. If you have a trailer and not a rear view camera, you may or may not have to travel with others. When you're alone, it's always a good idea to have an extra eye.
Uzone Trucks Backup Camera Review
Uzone Trucks Backup Camera

Uzone Trucks Backup Camera Specs
  • WiFi connection: The back camera creates its own WiFi hotspot. You can find and connect to the WiFi network in the mobile device network menu.
  • Realtime Display: You don't have to buy a single screen. You can use your phone in the car for rear view while dragging. There is an app that you can view / control at any time, and you can download the app easily by searching in the app store.
  • Ease of installation: Connect the camera to a fixed power cable so that it is always turned on, or connect the taillights and backlights, activate WiFi settings on the phone, connect to the WiFi network and open the app and get the video. It is really easy to use!
  • Beautiful pictures at night: The pictures are sharp and clear, with distance effects on the pictures. With a viewing angle of 120 degrees and 18 infrared lights, it can achieve excellent night vision effects of up to 30 feet even in the darkest night! There is no blind spot in the clouds.
  • IP68 Waterproof: This powerful camera has been carefully developed with a heavy metal casing that can withstand all factors of rain and sun radiation. Widely used in trailers, trailers, RV vehicles, RV vehicles and RV vehicles

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