VIOTEK GFT27CXB 240Hz Full-HD Monitor

VIOTEK GFT27CXB 27-inch 240Hz flat screen 1ms outer diameter TN color card
VIOTEK has always been a leader in incomparable value-added computer monitors. In addition, we transformed our expertise into improved TN cards for color accuracy and gameplay. Input: GFT27CXB, 27-inch HD flat screen delivers excellent pixel performance without distortion of graphics. All this due to the 240Hz fast refresh rate, AMD FreeSync display with G-SYNC compatibility and response time over 1ms. With customizable display options and the ability to save up to three user profiles, you can accurately optimize GFT27CXB optical components and know that the ideal display setting is just a button.

We hope VIOTEK will not pay the produced screens a "hefty price". We make big screens. Period.

There is nothing "too fast".
Our 240 Hz display is one of the fastest screens on the market that opens up all your computer functions and provides unparalleled liquidity for your games, especially CS: GO, PUBG or Fortnite games. You will discover every detail clearly and every work is presented clearly. The most important thing is that all of your reactions are part of the event and take your game to the next level. You can boost soccer speed and enjoy a 1ms fast response time, ideal for video games.
VIOTEK GFT27CXB 240Hz Full-HD Monitor

You will not believe that it is not a VA
In general, TN boards do not know the accuracy or depth of color. We've developed the TN Panel to achieve the rich and vibrant colors that the VA Panel naturally expects. With a 99% sRGB color gamut, you can get vivid images with reliable color accuracy. The shade is deep. Delicious white. RGB is lively, intense, and full of epic detail. This brings the game to life and the same applies to your favorite movies or TV shows. You can simply mount it on a VESA display stand (for example a hinge arm) or on a wall, so that each seat is the best seat in the home.

The most flexible game in town
If the game happens temporarily, there will be no beautiful screen in stunning colors. But do not worry. No matter how fast the action is, you can enjoy the most perfect game scene and capture every detail. Thanks to AMD FreeSyncTM with LFC (Low Frame Rate Compensation), you can achieve smooth moves in all games across the entire refresh range (up to 240Hz), even if the frame rate drops to 48Hz. Adaptive algorithm adjusts refresh rate to reduce vibration caused by sudden drop in frame rate. Therefore, you can achieve smooth moves in the fastest, most dynamic, quietest and slowest scenes of the game. The result? Smooth, transparent hard mix. Say goodbye to blurring shadows and movement forever.
VIOTEK GFT27CXB 240Hz Full-HD Monitor

Reading tool

Try to take a picture. There are GAMEPLUS goalkeepers every time, even in games where goalkeepers are prohibited. Improving FPS / RTS can effectively improve display settings and highlight deep shadows and other details in dark scenes that are often lost. Don't buy expensive G-SYNC monitors. All you need is GFT27CXB.

The connection you need
You can move any storage space to the command center via high performance ports. Do you need to use this screen as your second laptop screen? Do you have an audio system that you want to combine? You can do the same. Use it as a PS4 or Xbox One screen for higher refresh rates and higher resolutions not available on most televisions.

Your space and bases
Our TN card does what most TN cards can't: it delivers very accurate colors in the 99% sRGB range. Display settings can be easily adjusted to your preference. However, what sounds good to you may not help others. So it's normal to save the settings. With GFT27CXB you have space to store up to 3 unique user profiles.

Rotating axis of rotation lift
This is your job. Position the screen exactly where you want it for maximum comfort. Do you need your own HD screen? I see! Do you want pictures instead of landscapes? Easy to complete! The completely comfortable screen has a stand that allows you to lift, rotate, rotate and tilt on the go for the best viewing comfort. You can also use the VESA 75 x 75mm or 100 x 100mm screen mount to attach the monitor to a wall or articulated arm and make each seat the best seat in the family. With all the high performance communication ports, GFT27CXB can easily become the central hub for your work area.
VIOTEK GFT27CXB 240Hz Full-HD Monitor

Whether you are looking for a gaming screen or a multimedia screen, you can easily integrate GFT27CXB into all necessary settings. Use 3.5mm audio to mix your favorite speakers or headphones. Use HDMI or DisplayPort to connect to the game console, or use it as a second screen on a laptop. It's definitely the best 27-inch gaming screen on the market today. Do not do it. Leak specifications do not sacrifice the highest luxury features and do not destroy money.

Service and support in the United States
A cheap screen doesn't have to be a cheap screen. We strive to provide quality products with added value to the market. We are so convinced with our 27-inch screens that they have entered a bad pixel policy that doesn't tolerate anything - it's the best on the market. Although other gaming screens require a set of 5 or more dead pixels, we will replace them if you see dead pixels. You'll see it, we'll replace it. no problem. Our screens are protected for 3 years by American companies with limited buyer protection.

VIOTEK GFT27CXB Monitor Specs
  •  The LIGHTSPEED 1080P screen resolution provides the best performance for your preferred pixels. Ideal for 240Hz screen refresh rate. Smooth video without image loss. Hit the ball fast and get a quick response of 1ms.
  • Multiple User Profiles - Our TN card delivers what most TN cards can't: providing incredibly accurate colors in 99% sRGB color space. The color is not only limited to depth, it can be fully customized and can save up to 3 unique user profiles.
  • At GAMERS, we know what players must drive and wait. This is why we offer gamers the most entertaining tools: AMD FreeSync with LFC (low compensation) for a smooth gaming experience. Whenever there is a GAMEPLUS goalkeeper.
  • Fully adjustable stand - Need a HD screen? I see! Do you want pictures instead of landscapes? Easy to complete! The completely comfortable screen has a stand that allows you to lift, rotate, rotate and tilt on the go for the best viewing comfort.
  • Support the best of its kind - we don't play bad pixels - and you won't! The new Viotek gaming screen is protected by a useless pixel policy with zero tolerance and a 3-year limited warranty and it is fully supported by American companies.

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