Whistler 5050EX Laser Radar Detector
Whistler 5050EX

The Whistler 5050EX Elite series Radar Detectors incorporate a Reflex Field Interference Sensor (FDSR) that can detect false alarms caused by off-road collision avoidance systems and in many new vehicles. This high performance device has many other functions, including a bilingual blue OLED text screen (English / Spanish) and real audio warnings, as well as an internal GPS system that provides red light warnings and speed cameras for the United States of America. United and Canada. Site. The internal GPS database is pre-installed and can be updated with a USB cable. It contains programmable function keys, optional audible alarms and options to turn off settings and set alarms. TFSR helps eliminate false alarms in radar-based traffic flow monitoring systems. Several other detection modes can also be used, including full laser detection, POP mode detection, full protection, 360 ° hybrid coverage and VG-2 detection. Use dark / dark mode, filter mode, 3 cities / highways, mute / automatic, alarm priority and custom settings for car battery saver.

Whistler 5050EX Laser Radar Detector Specs
  • High performance radar detector with complete circumference protection of 360 °
  • FDSR (Domain Interference Sensor) Suppression Function, POP Mode, Bilingual OLED Text Display (English / Spanish), Real Sound Alert
  • Traffic Light Suppression (TFSR) and 4 filter modes help remove warnings from radar based traffic control systems
  • GPS provides warnings of the location of red and high-speed cameras in the United States and Canada. The database is pre-installed and can be updated with a USB cable
  • Customizable settings with 3 city / highway modes, low / dark mode, alarm priority and car battery saver

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