5 tips to speed up downloading games and applications to Xbox One
5 tips to speed up downloading games and applications to Xbox One

When downloading certain games and applications to Xbox One games, problems can often occur, especially if the game is very large. However, there are some techniques that you can rely on to improve download performance on your device.

Here are 5 tips for improving game download speed on Xbox One:

1- Close current games and applications:

Xbox One lets you launch and run many other applications while downloading another game from the Internet. So if you're playing a game while waiting for the game to download completely, that will have a huge impact on time. It takes downloading the game.

To close a running game or application, press the (Xbox) button, select the game or application you want in the right column, press the menu key in the menu that appears, and then click Finish.

2- Download only one game at a time:

You can download multiple games at the same time, but this has a huge impact on the download speed. You can pause continuous downloading by clicking the (Xbox) button and entering the queue under (My Games and Applications). ,

3- Restart the router:

Sometimes, the slow download speed (Xbox One) does not concern itself, but due to the router you use to access the internet, please restart it. This way you can increase the speed of your computer's Internet connection and speed up the download process.

4- Disconnect other Wi-Fi devices:

Of course, if many electronic devices (like your laptop and smartphone) are connected to the same Wi-Fi network, you will find that the internet connection is very slow. Therefore, disconnect any connections that you do not use to improve your internet connection, and Wi-Fi Xbox One and Speed ​​devices can be downloaded more quickly.

5- Use an Ethernet cable:

If you have an Ethernet cable, you do not need to download games over a Wi-Fi connection, as it is best to connect an Ethernet cable to the router and your device (Xbox One). You will notice that your internet connection is accelerating, which positively affects the download speed.

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