Acer Monitor Review
Acer ED323QUR Abidpx

Introducing the Acer ED323QUR 31 Curved Gaming Monitor The 5 '' WQHD Curved Display can keep pace with the evolution of gaming. With AMD Radeon Free Sync technology, the game's frame rate is determined by your graphics card, not by the constant refresh rate that gives you a huge competitive advantage. In addition, users can enjoy a comfortable viewing experience while playing on a low-attenuation screen, which reduces blackout and comfortable viewing. The design saves space on the desktop and allows you to place multiple screens side by side to create a large, transparent screen. (UM. JE3AA. A01). Brightness of 250 lumens

Vivid picture
The 31.5-inch WQHD (2560 x 1440) Acer Curved Monitor provides clear picture quality and perfect picture with a wider viewing angle. The frameless design removes thicker frames on conventional screens and saves you valuable screen space.

Superior refresh rate
144Hz refresh rate speeds frames per second and ensures ultra-smooth 2D motion scenes. The Hz Macro Display features a fast 144Hz refresh rate, which reduces image rendering time, reduces input delay and provides players with an excellent gaming experience.

Say goodbye to stuttering and tears. With AMD RADEON FREESYNC, the screen frame syncs with the graphics card frame, avoids screen tearing and creates a smoother gaming experience.
Acer Monitor Review
Acer ED323QUR Abidpx

Short response time
Do not let the enemy escape in slow motion. Thanks to its ultra-fast 4ms response time, you can make ultra-smooth transitions at first glance without ghosting or dragging photos.

Width of widget
No need to use buttons. You can easily adjust screen settings using the appropriate Acer Display Widget utility.

Curved screen
The 16: 9 curved Monitor takes you to a world of entertainment. Every corner of the screen is one distance from your eyes, so you can achieve a unified viewing experience without blind spots. Tilt the screen 5 to 15 degrees for the best visual effect.

Acer ED323QUR Abidpx Monitor Specs
  • 31.5 '' WQHD Widescreen Display (2560 x 1440) 1800R VA
  • AMD Radeon Free Sync technology
  • Refresh rate: 144 Hz, with screen connection
  • Infinitely Design 4ms Curved Response Time Comfortable tilt: 5 to 15 °
  • Connections: 1 x Video Connector, 1 x HDMI 1.4 and 1 x DVI (with HDCP)
  • 144 Hz

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