Apple extends its stores in China because of the Corona virus
Apple extends its stores in China because of the Corona virus

Apple has announced that it will close stores in China due to an outbreak of the Corona virus in the region. "After consulting with health professionals and government agencies, we will reopen our offices and call centers in the week of February 10, and we are ready to restart our retail stores," the company said in a statement.

"We will inform our customers at the end of the opening date and our online store is still open. We start working again, our priority is with our team, our supplier partners, and our customers. We always sympathize with those with coronavirus and those who work tirelessly." To treat its spread, it must be found He stopped it.

The company announced earlier this month that it plans to respond to the Corona Virus to close all business in China by February 9. China is an important market and production region for Apple, Apple's most important growth engine. According to Apple, Apple shipped 3.2 million iPhones to China in December. Chinese Academy of Information and Communications Technology.

Leading analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo, cut the iPhone charging expectation for the first quarter of 2020 by 10% due to the Corona virus, saying the forecast for the next quarter is unclear.

Although the Chinese government offered to resume operations on February 10, Apple seems to have taken a different approach. On the store side, the letter indicates that the reopening will take place on Monday and will leave a message for local Chinese employees at Deidre O '. Brian Lin said it is now unlikely.

According to Apple's Deputy Retail Director, the date is expected to be longer, although Apple is working hard to reopen its offices next week, but additional cleaning, cleaning systems, and local restrictions near public places will affect this decision,

In the memo, Apple hopes the return to work process will be gradual so that the world shows its best compassion and understanding at this difficult time. "

Closures and other Apple product stores have affected sales in China, but the biggest impact may be on production. The company's main suppliers are currently planning to resume operations on February 10. Some are skeptical or whether operations will resume on February 10. Reaching the required production levels.

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