Facebook removes misinformation about Corona virus

Facebook decides to remove misleading information about the transmission of festoon viruses from the platform as part of a major change in its established policy, Kang Xing Jin, head of the company's health department, said in a message: Facebook will delete content that contains false accusations or promote global conspiracy theories it has reported Major health organizations and local health agencies, because they can harm those who believe in them.

"This includes allegations of improper treatment, preventive methods, or disruption of existing health resources," health officials said. The content of the error message.

The move comes after the World Health Organization announced a global health emergency due to the spread of a rapid virus. The virus has infected more than 9,809 people in China, killing 213 people.

It is worth noting that Facebook is not the first technical platform to combat this disease, as Google and Twitter have taken steps to fix incorrect information related to the virus, and Google has started publishing research results all over the world. The World Health Organization is providing information on the virus and YouTube to promote videos about the virus. The virus comes from a reliable source.

The move is unusual for the world's largest social network, which generally limits the spread of fake health information messages to 2.9 billion users by restricting search results and ads. However, this is possible. Keep the original messages.

This policy is constantly criticized by people who believe it can spread disease and provide poor health advice.

In recent years, Facebook has removed misleading information about the Samoan vaccine due to a strict review of privacy practices worldwide. The measles epidemic at the end of last year killed dozens of people and provided misleading information about the polio vaccine. , In Pakistan.

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