Financial markets are declining, Microsoft suffers from corona
Financial markets are declining, Microsoft suffers from corona

Microsoft shares fell more than 4% on Thursday after the company Apple and HP warned that an outbreak of the Corona virus in China could harm the supply chain, weakening the computer industry, on Thursday.

The drop in stock prices reduced the market value of the American company by about 50 billion dollars, and the market fell by more than 2% that day.

The virus originated in Wuhan, central China, at the end of last year and infected about 80,000 people, killed about 2,800 people and spread to 44 countries. Apple was the first major technology company to warn of a virus outbreak that affects production and demand.

Microsoft announced on Wednesday that the supply chain had resumed normal operations more slowly than expected, adding that the negative impact on Surface and Windows computers was greater than expected.

It should be noted that global stock markets have been hit hard because investors are concerned about the impact of the virus on global supply chains. The Dow Jones industrial average opened more than 400 points on Thursday. Many Wall Street analysts expect other high-tech companies in China to follow Microsoft and Apple.

Microsoft announced on Wednesday that its computer unit, including Windows, will announce lower-than-expected sales in the third quarter of the fiscal year as the company is expected to achieve sales of $ 11.75 billion, less than 11 expected $ 15 billion

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