Google supports mart creation for Google Docs users
Google supports mart creation for Google Docs users

Yesterday (Wednesday), Google announced the launch of the Smart Compose feature and its final release of Docs, making it a strong competitor to Microsoft Word services.

The American company began testing Dox features that were previously available for Gmail last year. She said: This feature helps users to create high-quality content faster and easier. This feature saves time by providing suggestions and also helps reduce errors, grammar and spelling.
Google supports "smart creation" for Google Docs users

The functionality is now accessible to all and all G Suite customers. Google said in a message that the feature is currently only available in English. She also said: This job will be introduced gradually.

Google has indicated that (Smart Build) customers are available for the following services: G Suite Basic, G Suite Business, and G Suite Enterprise. For service customers: G Suite for Education, G Suite Enterprise for Education, and G Suite for Nonprofits, this feature is not available to them or to users of the service through their personal Google accounts.

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